Monday, September 14, 2009

Window Treatments: 101

Why you should have window treatments:

  • Light Control: You can control how much light filters into your home and what time of the day it does.
  • Sound Absorption: Fabric treatments will absorb noise from the outside. The more fabric you have, the more absorbing the treatment becomes.
  • Insulation: This is key especially if you live in an older home. The window treatments will block drafts and prevent them from giving you the chills.
  • Privacy: A well thought out treatment can ensure that you and your family have privacy during the day and night.

  • Design Element: A window treatment can add more texture and color to a room as well as highlight or de-emphasize windows.
Window Treatment Styles:
Roman & Roller Shades: Simple & sophisticated. Fabric or woven woods.
  • They are great to use for rooms with moderate to low privacy needs as they are mostly kept pulled up.
  • Shades can be lined for a semi-opaque or black-out affect for light control or night-time privacy.
  • Can be mounted above a window frame to give the illusion of a taller window and ceiling. Can also be mounted inside the window frame for a minimal look.
  • Shades can be paired with panels for a more substantial look.
  • Can be found in ready made selections at department stores or custom ordered via Hunter Douglas.

Shutters: Can be tailored to any design style. Custom look and worth the price.

  • Shutters are made of wood or composite materials, depending on your climate and budget needs.
  • Varying louver sizes allow more or less light to enter as well as maximize or minimize views.
  • Shutters can be tailor made for arches, circle, bay, corner, and angled windows as well as sliding glass & french doors.
  • Can be paired with panels to soften the window.
  • Available at Hunter Douglas and most large home repair stores.
Stationary or "Dummy" Panels: Any decor style & Most Windows
  • Mount above the window trim to give the illusion of a taller window and ceiling.
  • Add color and/or texture to any room.
  • Can be placed over bay or multiple windows to create a unified look.
  • Provide minimal light & privacy coverage but do cover drafts.
  • Add multiple pairs to a window to create a fuller look.


Draperies: Full and Maximum Coverage.
  • Similar to the stationary panel is style, but has ability to close for maximum privacy and light control.
  • Draperies can "stack" to the left, right, or both sides opening in the center.
  • Ease of use, typically draperies slide open with rings or a traverse rod.
  • Mounting the rod past the width of the window trim can keep the stack of fabric from covering too much of the window. The fabric stack will instead cover some of your wall.
  • Fabric can be sheer, semi-opaque, opaque, or lined with black out lining.
images via BHG, Cheryl Tague Design, Country Living, Country Living, House Beautiful, and DC Window Automation.

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