Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eco-Friendly Paint:

Green paints are classified as low or free of VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds which are toxic fumes emitted from most synthetic-based paints. VOCs are harmful to the environment and people. It can take years for the VOCs to dissolve from the wall. Mold and mildew are less likely to develop with VOC free paints.

Sherwin Williams - Harmony
Harmony is a water-based latex paint by Sherwin Williams, that is a low odor, zero VOC interior paint. Once on the walls, it is a washable and durable finish. It is also anti-microbial, which is mildew resistant. Available in primer, flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes.

Benjamin Moore - Natura
Benjamin Moore makes an acrylic interior paint that has zero VOCs in the base and colorants, and is virtually odor free. It is a waterborne paint that is washable, fade-resistant, durable, and dries in 30 minutes. Available in primer, flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes.

Farrow & Ball - Eco Friendly
Farrow & Ball also makes a paint that is waterbased, free of VOCs, and virtually odorless. They also use natural products such as clay, lime putty, linseed oil, iron oxides and umbers.

Green paints are a great choice for people who suffer with allergies, respiratory symptoms, sensitivity to chemicals, and women that are pregnant. Green paints tend to be more expensive than standard paints and have a coverage rate of 10% less than standard.


  1. i need to try it...i have seen it around and seen it around...

  2. I wonder if this kind of paint can be disposed of normally or does it need to be treated as a chemical?

  3. Oil-based paints must be treated as hazardous waste. However, any latex (water-based) paint may be disposed of with the rest of your household waste.

    For large amounts of left over latex paint: mix kitty litter or saw dust into the paint can, leave it open for a few days, this will help it dry quicker. Place the lid back on once it is dry, and then dispose of it in your trash.

    For small amounts of left over latex paint: open the can and let it dry. Place the lid back on the can before you dispose of it in your trash.

    If you have a lot of paint left, it is also recommended that you donate it to a local shelter, community organization or church. Often these organizations are in need of items such as paint to repair their buildings or help others.

  4. I have used the Natura from BM and they are amazing! They cover really well, 2 coats for all darker colours, it took three for our white, but that was with no primer :) There is virtually no smell - they are fantastic!

    I have also used the BM Aura paint, which is low-VOC, but not completely VOC free. It covers extremely well - better than the Natura, but I would pick the Natura over the Aura strictly for less off-gassing during the painting process and afer.


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