Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heads Up!

Sometimes all you need is the perfect accessory to complete the look of a room. Instead of the usual vase or framed picture, try a bust. A bust is a great way to add a soft, natural shape to a room. Made mostly out of materials such as marble, plaster and bronze, busts will add another texture to your decor beside wood and fabrics.

Above left: A gallery of busts becomes a conversation piece in a white dining room. A white cloth draped over the table softens the room amidst a bare linoleum floor. (cote de texas blog) Above right: A large bust of a woman is bathed in sunlight below a window. A substantial 3-drawer chest in a light, distressed painted finish is the perfect piece to support the bust without stealing it's thunder. (elegance redefined blog)

Above: An aqua blue damask wallpaper sets the tone for this dainty display. Atop the black chest are fresh cut flowers, a simple candlestick, and 2 small scale white busts. It is a pretty display, however, the black chest anchors the display as to keep it from becoming ultra feminine.
Above left: Similar to the bust, the one-dimensional silhouette is a classic icon, and this large oval piece takes it to the next level. It is so large and out of scale above the small sofa, however, something about that makes it intriguing. Above right: A collection of pillows with the silhouette sit on top of a camel back sofa. The wallpaper motif displays varying silhouettes. (designer Lulu Guiness)
Above: A collection of white china and doll heads, hmmm, I'm not sure what to say about this...

Antlers and animal heads can also add drama to a space. Above: A collection of antlers hangs on a wall in a cozy room and contrast against the cream wall. A rustic hope chest, a bowl full of pine cones, and a distressed leather chair add rustic charm. (Country Living)

Above: A modern twist of the animal head, a bright white piece stands out against dark grey walls. The antlers almost seem to point to the ceiling, accentuating the ceiling height. A spotlight highlights the piece as if in an art gallery and makes it the focal point of the room. (plush palette blog)

Get your own!
Above: The Mortimer Bust Candle, $24.99 each at Target.com

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