Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rental Tip: Transform White Walls

It's always a struggle to add architectural interest and dimension to the white walls of a rented apartment. Most likely, you can't paint, so besides artwork and mirrors, what do you hang? Here are some tips on how to enhance white walls without losing your security deposit:

Above: Color-coordinated plates mounted on the wall add a contemporary touch to a classic design method. (house and home) Below: Same idea, but done in a more traditional arrangement and color scheme. (nestingplacencblog)


Above: A long white wall becomes a gallery for decorative objects with equally long white shelving. (roomenvyblog)

A wall of shelves is a great way to add storage in a rental, but take it a step further and add dimension by painting a square of color behind the shelving. Above: A wood panel is used behind wall shelving, but paint can easily be substituted. When you move, you can quickly spackle the holes and paint over the square only. (metropolitan home)


Above: A collection of large old shutters hung on a wall creates an intimate, almost paneled wall feel while adding texture and subtle color. (euroantiquemarketblog) Above right: Great for a kitchen or above a desk, small shutters hung on the wall become a message and bulletin board for a busy life. (fantabulousdesignblog)

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  1. Erica, I love this!! The shutters - what a wonderful look.


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