Monday, November 23, 2009

Super-sized Living

Every decorating magazine, blog, and TV show demonstrates how to decorate a small space, but when do we ever see tutorials on how to decorate large? There are some people who live in large, spacious, and beautiful homes, so why should we ignore that? Let's celebrate super-sized living...

Above: This room has 2 groupings of furniture; one directly in front of the fireplace and the other in the foreground on the photo. Gray sofas and neutral chairs are used in both, however it is the super large area rug that unifies the space completely. via Elle Decor

Above: Same idea, large room with 2 separate sitting areas, however, it is the double-side sofa that connects the space. I like that 2 different coffee tables are used; a soft ottoman for cozy reading and relaxing and a contemporary table for entertaining. This room has a total of 6 chairs and, 3 ottomans, and 3 (if you count the center as 2) sofas. And that's just what's visible in the photograph! via Elle Decor

Above: I love this room with it's black, white and green palette. The rug is fairly small, but allows the beautiful wood floors to shine. The large antique pieces such as the bow front chest and white distressed writing desk are chunky and grounding, and fill the large space nicely. Placing 2 sofas flanking the fireplace is always a nice way to utilize a large space. via Elle Decor

If you don't have a large space, you can super-size your accessories. Above: Bright, bold and large artwork and over-sized vases steal the attention in this room. The length of the table is exaggerated with the help of an upholstered bench in black and white damask. A simple sisal rug keeps it simple so the other objects in the room stand out.

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