Sunday, December 20, 2009

Artfull Walls

Decorating with art can be a great way to express your personality and interests, and complete a room's decor.  An easy way to present a collection is to group similar items together.  "Similar" can be art that has matching frames, colors, or by theme.  Left:  While this wall of art has numerous frames of all sorts of colors, materials and shapes, the theme of nature and birds unifies the collection.  image via:
Below:  Fill in the space above a sofa with a collection of matching frames and add plates to mix it up.  This is a very balanced look, great for a traditional setting.  The white plates add a different element to the wall of art, however because they are white, they are not distracting.  image via Southern Living

Right:  An extra large piece of art that is minimal in design gives the eye a rest in a room with a busy wallpaper pattern.  The piece of art is so large that it becomes the focal point of that wall, and there is no need for any other wall decor.  image via:  Robyn Karp Interiors
Utilize that large and empty wall in your stairwell with a collection of art.  Left:  In this photo the homeowner displays a collection of sketches mounted in an assortment of frames.  image via:  Southern Accents

Right:  Wainscotting can sometimes create a dilemna when hanging artwork.  In the small amount of wall remaining, a coating of a bright green paint is the background for 2 square pictures that fill in the space perfectly.  image via:

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