Friday, December 18, 2009

A Closer Look

Sometimes it's fun to take a closer look at pictures. For example:

Above: I found this image on a website belonging to a designer who also makes custom window treatments...Is that a motorcycle smack in the center of the window?

Above: This came from a website listing hotel availability. It's no wonder this room is available...notice how high the picture is mounted on the wall and look at that tiny headboard.

Above: I guess these homeowners don't mind their guests hanging around. Does anyone recognize this man? I have no idea who he is and why they have him on their wall.

Above: A news website posted this photograph of a Best Western room for a travel report.
From the 2 buckets in the room looks like either the ceiling was leaking or they were cleaning up after a big mess. Nonetheless, not appealing.

images via:,, desire to inspire,

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