Monday, December 7, 2009

Closet Envy

images via InStyle

I admit, I have a lot of clothes and covet these "closets" which are more or less rooms. Not so much because of the 100's of pairs of shoes or the designer labels, but because of the organizational bliss. Wouldn't life be a lot easier if you could walk into a room and select your outfit for the day because everything is visible, coordinated, and wrinkle free? My closet is a single-door dark cave, wider than it is deep, so there is a lot of wasted space in which I stuff things into and forget about. Some day I'd like something remotely similar to any of these:

Above: The trellis and paisley wallpaper really add style to these rooms while the windows keep things light and airy. A round ottoman is the perfect place to perch yourself and peruse your wardrobe. images via My Home Ideas and House Beautiful

Above: A white lacquered chest provides great surface area to spread out your jewelry and accessories while adding storage with tons of drawers. image via House and Home

Above: Mariah Carey's closet sings more to the tune of a palace. I've heard that the space is temperature controlled as to best keep her couture pieces from deteriorating. It's very well lit with chandeliers and spacious as well. images via Architectural Digest

Closet Tips:

  • Adding a lighting fixture such as a chandelier can really personalize a closet or dressing room and provide much needed lighting.
  • Wallpaper adds pattern and color without taking up any space.
  • An ottoman, bench, or upholstered chair is a great place to sit while preparing your outfit.
  • Extra storage such as a chest of drawers can provide a surface area and add more storage.

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