Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't be so Coy

Every now and then it's great to take a risk when decorating. Some people might paint a wall a bright color, add toss pillows in a bold pattern, buy a trendy lamp, or invest in abstract art. An unexpected or unusual design element can make a statement and transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

So don't be so coy, take a risk and buy that bright orange chair and place it in your beige room. You'll be surprised how it can change the whole feel of a room and how much more you'll enjoy your space. image via washington spaces

Stick Lamp in Orange Bolt, $16.99 and Pod Chair, $79.99 both at Target.com
coy [koi] adjective, -er, -est, verb
1. artfully or affectedly shy or reserved; slyly hesitant; coquettish.
2. shy; modest.
3. showing reluctance, esp. when insincere or affected, to reveal one's plans or opinions, make a commitment, or take a stand: The mayor was coy about his future political aspirations

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