Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Dreams

When I was a girl I had a dollhouse that my mom made for me out of a kit, complete with 3 floors of spacious rooms. So what did I do with it? I decorated that dollhouse with all of my little heart.

My mom diligently visited the wallpaper store for discontinued wallpaper books, full of stripes, damask, dots, and paisley galore. Room by room I wallpapered the walls of my tiny house. Of course I considered the flow from one room to another, and also coordinated the paper to the furniture.

The furniture; perfect little miniature camel back sofas, china cabinets, pianos, beds, and even the kitchen sink. I created vignettes with the furniture, completing the kitchen table with a minuscule tea set, hanging a framed picture on the wall, filling a china cabinet with tiny pottery.
I even had a happy family living in that dollhouse. A brunette dad, blonde mom, small girl, and a baby boy. Their arms and legs moved so they were able to sit in the furniture and enjoy the lovely decor. Every now and then I let my Sylvanian Bear family stay in the house too. Why not, I'm sure the woods grew tiresome.

I'm not sure what happened to that dollhouse. I'm sure I grew out of it and moved on to decorating actual spaces, such as my bedroom, but that's a whole other post! images via greenleaf dollhouse & interiordezine

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