Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off-the-Wall Design

The furniture in your room doesn't always have to be placed against a wall.  Floating furniture in the middle of the room room can sometimes better utilize the space you have, highlight a focal point such as a fireplace, or cozy things up.  Placing furniture on an angle can really give the room a new look and make the space feel more open and welcoming.  This method fills in dead space, keeping the room from looking boxy. 

Above:  Sofas placed on an angle with chairs floating in the room say "welcome, have a seat."

A lovely loveseat and 2 chairs share the spotlight with the fireplace.

Left:  A sofa is placed in the center of a room facing a fireplace.  Look at how cozy this room is and it uses every available inch of space.  Right:   Both the sofa and chairs are floating in this room, sharing the view of the fireplace while keeping the space light and airy.  all images unknown sources.

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