Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sit on this, or not....

Back in late 2008 these little things kept popping up in shelter magazines everywhere....ceramic garden stools have since become a mainstream must-have for any room.  You see them in bedrooms, living rooms, and of course, gardens (although I could not find a picture of one in a garden for the life of me).

They are a great addition to any room because of their minuscule scale and simple design.  You can find them in an an assortment of colors like white, blue, green, and even Zebra.  Yay!...  This past summer I constantly saw them in Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods for $20-40.  That's a great deal for a piece that can be blended seamlessly into any room, and used for extra seating or for a small place to put down a book or magazine.  Ceramic garden stools can be found at a higher price in more bright and trendy colors or patterns as well.

image via House and Home

In a bedroom they serve as a great place to set down a book and not cramp your nightstand.
image via House Beautiful

In a living room, a stool can be an additional seat while entertaining large crowds.
image via House Beautiful

Great next to armless slipper chairs, a stool is the perfect place to place a drink.
image via Domino

Zebra image source

Pottery Barn, $159  image source

And in my own little world, I added one to my mother's secret room makeover.  As you can see, she uses it as a place to stash the books she is reading.  I got this brown and white Morrocan-inspired one at Marshalls for $20.

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