Thursday, December 10, 2009

Studio "Living?"

The New York Post featured a couple that lives in the smallest studio apartment in NYC. The couple, Zaarath & Christopher Prokop, live in a 175 square foot space in Morningside Heights. They purchased the studio co-op for $150,000 3 months ago and live quite contently in the 14.9x10 space.

Their kitchen consists of a wall of cabinets, a sink, mini fridge, microwave, and hot plate. However, they do not cook. Instead, they store their clothes in the kitchen cabinets (what?!) and keep extra outfits on hand at work. They don't have a trash can and take their trash immediately to the chute in the hall.

Inside their 16th floor studio which used to be 1 out 0f 9 maids quarters in the pre-war building, they have a queen size bed, leather storage bench, a 27" flat screen television, and a storage shelf. Did I mention they have 2 cats? They do. They manage to fit a cat climbing tree in their studio, but not even an end table or lamp in sight. hmmm.

While I get their less is more lifestyle, I think I would've been much more impressed with this article if they had found New Yorkers living in a tiny studio who actually spend time in their home while maximizing the space enough to have such things as say, a garbage can. Now, I've lived in a studio before, a little bigger than this one, and I managed to make the space cozy and somewhat comfortable. So on that note, here is what I would do with this space:

  1. I would place a large entertainment center on the far wall. Not only would this house my tv, but also books, home office equipment, photos, and even clothes if necessary.
  2. I would downsize to a full bed - still room enough for two. The bed would be placed long side against the wall, in the style of a daybed. Add toss pillows and you have a great place to lay while watching tv or working on your laptop.
  3. Across from the bed would be the perfect place for a chair and small side table. This ensures guests a more traditional seat, as well as prime tv viewing while sipping tea.
  4. A plush round chocolate area rug defines the living space and adds a little softness underfoot.
  5. Above the chair would be a mirror to reflect light coming in from the windows and give the space the illusion of being larger.
  6. Next to the bed would be a charming nightstand. The small size would accommodate a table lamp and essentials such as an alarm clock. The 2 drawers add additional storage.

Now, I'd be happy to call that a home. What do you think, would you live like the Prokops? Or am I thinking too much like a decorator?

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  1. The fact is, that's why you're the decorater and I'm not! I would just throw up my hands and say "impossible", but you find a practical and stylish solution. Very clever.


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