Monday, January 11, 2010

Coastal Living's 2009 Idea House:

I've always enjoyed Coastal Living Magazine, and their 2009 Idea House just reminded me why.  It's a home filled with color, clean lines, and a few surprises. Located in Sunset Harbour near Southport, NC, the home is nestled into a small coastal town.

Within this 5,800 square foot home are 3 bedrooms, as well as a bunk room and sleeping porch, a rec room, 4 full and 2 half baths. Check out the sweeping floor plans here.

Enjoy the tour!

Above:  The living room and Dining Room

Above:  The kitchen and kitchen nook.
Black cabinets look great with the woven wood shades and island.
I adore this nook with it's ceramic garden stool used as a table. 
And how clever, the shutters have been refurbished with gathered fabric!

Above:  The master bedroom suite.
The slate blue and yellow striped walls a modern touch to a room with traditional furnishings.

Above:  The rec room and the study.
Look at that great wide striped rug in the rec room, used for playing games. 
The large wooden spheres are placed in the room to emphasize that the room is for fun and games.
The combination of dark woods and the color purple looks stylish and calm.

Above:  The guest bathroom and guest bedroom.
In the bathroom, the curtains are mounted 3/4 of the way up the wall, leaving the top of the window exposed for light to come through.  This is a simple way to keep the room filled with natural light while giving you privacy when needed.  The bedroom incorporates a grey and yellow color scheme, stripes, and dark furnishings for a tailored, masculine feel.  Look at the little foot stool beside the bed used a cute!

 Above:  A screened porch and a bunk room.
The wicker furniture in a natural tone and white linens keep the room light and airy.
A bunk room adds an unusal touch to the home, resembling a building on the outside.  Each bunk has it's own lantern inside the window...kinda handy.

Above:  The guest bath and guest bedroom suite.
 Nestled into a window nook, a vanity and slipcovered chair sit in front of custom a window treatment.
In the bedroom, a bamboo bed and blue wall create a natural and tropical retreat feel.

Above:  The sleeping porch.
Daybeds are lined with colorful toss and bolster pillows. 
Honey colored wood walls and a stone hearth add a "camp" feel to this room...err porch.


  1. Jesus that's a lot of rooms! They all look so the fireplace in the first photo. The kitchen is so sophisticated. I love the colors in the room with the apple green tufted settee and the teal credenza. I'd totally live there.

  2. Totally gorgeous. I want to live here! Esp love the black cabinets in the kitchen and the lantern about the island. Lots of ideas to steal here ;-)

  3. OOooh! Loving the yellow and gray rooms! Great post! Glad I stopped by


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