Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Nookie Nookie

Sometimes you have to be creative to get the most storage and use out of your personal space.  Fill in those nooks!  Below:  Cubbies for shoes and sportsgear are tucked into the dead space below a staircase.  Bookcases built into walls give daybed nooks storage, creating the perfect place to cozy up and ready a book.

 images via:  Builder Online, Decorology, Domino.

If you're lucky enough to have a kitchen with an alcove, create your own custom nook to enjoy breakfast and lunch.  If you don't have an alcove, you can create one by having a pair of cabinets/bookcases built on each side of a bench.  The bench seat should be 17 - 24 inches deep.  You can have the seat cushion custom made from a local window treatment shop (they usually have a workshop that makes cushions).  This can cost anywhere from $200-400 depending on the faric you select and the length of the bench.

Above:  A pair of benches flank a wooden table.  Also a nook is created in the wall to store cookbooks.  images via:  Better Homes and Gardens

Above:  Place a couple of chairs around a round pedestal table and tuck it up to a window seat.
image via:  Better Homes and Gardens

 Above:  Kitchen nooks don't always have to be casual and quaint. 
Black leather and chrome chairs and a leather bench seat add a sleek look to this nook. 
Again, they utilized the wall space for a book nook.
image via:  Better Homes and Gardens

nook  –noun

1. a corner, as in a room.
2. any secluded or obscure corner.
3. any small recess: a breakfast nook.
4. any remote or sheltered spot: a shady nook that was ideal for a picnic.


  1. i've always loved this idea and would like, someday, to do it in my own kitchen. nice pics! p.s. thanks for the shoutout on your blogroll, sister!

  2. What a darling blog you have here!

    I love nooks too. Great selection.



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