Monday, January 25, 2010

Manly Monday: Tailored Luxury

The Room:   A white leather tufted ottoman, with ebony legs and pewter nailhead sits at the end of the bed.  A natural rug adds texture and keeps the look minimal.  Hotel chic linens in a grey/blue trimmed in black and a grey/blue upholstered headboard give this space the softness a bedroom needs without looking frilly.  Lampshades trimmed with black and photos framed in black unify the color color scheme and provide extra details.  Room designed by Barclay Butera.

Men who might like this room: 
This is a sophisticated and tailored room fit for a detail-oriented man who likes the finer things in life.

Alec Baldwin, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tim Gunn


  1. Ooh, good call. I totally see Tim Gunn in this room!

  2. Eek! I love this room!! Thanks Erica...I have been looking for a picture to model my master bedroom off and I do believe this is the one!
    BTW, would you mind if I gave your blog a mention as I believe more people need to enjoy your posts:o)


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