Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Sweet" Interiors

Pink.  The color of sweet confections, little girl's dresses, and kitten noses.  Pink is also the universal color of love.  Pastel pink is soothing, romantic, delicate and feminine.  Hot pink, magenta, and raspberry have more energy, are more bold, yet still feminine.

image via:  Country Living

Your first incliniation might be eek, but take a closer look at each individual item in the room.  I love that hot pink velour chair on the left, and look at that stripe on the ottoman with nailheads and that curve!  The gigantic mirror takes up the whole wall, but in this room, artwork would not have worked, that mirror does.  And of course, notice our striped little friend underfoot.  image via:  HGTV

  image via:  Southern Accents                                image via:  Country Living

A very soothing space with light pink walls and white slipcovered furniture.  The pale wood floor is also soft looking...perhaps a round cocktail ottoman would fit nicely into this space...  Oh, I spot a ceramic garden stool.  image via:  Domino
 These words are synonymous with pink or represent various shades of the color pink:

Salmon, coral, hot pink, fuschia, blush, flesh, flush, fuchsia, rose.  source
image via:  Domino                                                                                       image via:  Renovate and Decorate

bathroom image source

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  1. I don't like pink usually...but some of those pictures were quite pretty. Well...except for the eek really was like eek...and ew...and ugh.


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