Friday, February 26, 2010

Feminine Friday: Bathing in Elegance

While the tub is quite pretty with its legs and curves, the carved mirror and tufted chair steal the show in this bathroom.  The gold mirror is quite large above the tub and instantly grabs the eye.  The dainty chair is tufted in a bright blue velvet and has gold trim.  A pale aubusson rug warms up the tile floor and a balloon shade softens a window.  The items in this room have curves and elegant lines making the space fabulously feminine.


  1. I want to take a good long soak right in there. I am kinda scared that the mirror might fall on my head while I'm singing YMCA and doing the appropriate choreography though. Just sayin'.

  2. I was very touched by the "Papa" post. He would have laughed at seeing himself on a computer:) Papa lives on through our memories:)


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