Friday, February 12, 2010

Feminine Friday: Calm and Chic

The Room:  Casual elegance at its best with a soothing blue and white color scheme.  Details such as the pleated bed skirt and pleated trim edging the bedspread give this room feminine touches while pinch pleated panels and a pedestal table keep the look clean.  Two boudoir chairs add more softness to the space, one with classic tufting and another with clean swooping arms.  And I always love a luxurious white rug.

Designed by:

Women that might like this bedroom:

She has a busy life but adores time alone reading a novel and curled up in a comfy chair.

Diane Sawyer, Sally Field, and Oprah Winfrey



  1. great blog- this is just the kind of look I am going for in my guest room (soon to be made over before my in-laws come next month), thanks for the post.

  2. I LOVE this room. It has such a softness and breeziness to it. The chair, padded headboard and drapery are my favourite elements. Thanks for sharing, VERY inspiring.


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