Friday, February 19, 2010

Feminine Friday: Pink and White Delight

The Room:  Pink and white is a very feminine color combination, whether it's hot pink or pastel, and this room uses both.  The box-shaped pillows on the sofa show off the great large floral print with differing shades of pink and a little green.  The upholstery is all white, with classic and clean lines.  The pair of wing back chairs are outlined in a distressed green painted wood.  Even though the coffee table is clear, it stands out in the center of the room. 

There are so many beautiful details to this room;  look at the hot pink contrast welt on the dining chair.  Also, the mirrored armoire and silver-framed artwook add some glamour to this room, keeping things from being too sweet.  Room designed by:  Pineapple House

Feminine Touches:
Company C pillows in Fairfield Melon, $90:  Anastasia, $115

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  1. I love the room in the right picture. The very structured lines of the furniture and frames juxtaposed with the very organic and frilly shapes of the flowers is wonderful. I'm all for flowers, anyway!


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