Friday, February 5, 2010

Feminine Friday:

The Room:  Soft light cascading over touches of grey and white, easy on the eyes neutral.  But it's the details that make this room super feminine.  Look at the wallpaper, soft, curvy, yet dramatic. 

The carved headboard is beautiful with its gold and cream tones, and baroque feel.  The wide stripe in shades of light and dark grey give the headboard a modern feel.  Floral pillows sit atop white and striped linens.  A soft sweater-like blanket adds texture that you want to touch.  image via house to home, uk.

Women who might like this room:
A fashionista who leaves the color and bling to her wardrobe,
but wants a room that she will not tire of, that is stylish and sophisticated.

Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Victoria Beckham


  1. Hi there, I came over from "Chair Up" and I'm glad I did. I love all of your inspiration rooms. I've been bouncing all around your blog. What a unique take on this headboard. Very unexpected. The whole bed makes you want to jump right in.


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