Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Still Like it...

I know it has saturated the home furnishings and decor industry for a few years now, but I still like it.  I'm taking about the combination or pairing of chocolate brown and light blue.  The blue can have green to it, it can be baby blue, or it can be Tiffany blue, whichever strikes your fancy.  But I still like small doses.

What I like about this image is that there are no fabrics with brown and blue florals or stripes.  There isn't a rug with brown and blue woven together.  The sofa is not brown with blue pillows.  I like it because it is a very neutral room, white upholstery and accents, a deep brown wall, and then the blue.  Just a cool looking armoire in the corner.  Did I mention that I like it?  image via House Beautiful


  1. I love this room.... beautiful colour combination

  2. very pretty. i have always loved this room!


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