Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magazine Must Haves

If you're just starting to get into decorating, "shelter magazines" are a great resource to use.  These magazines are filled with beautiful photographs of amazing interiors.  Many of these magazines offer their images on their websites, but there is nothing better than curling up with an old or new issue in your hand.  I once met a woman in Maine that owned a little shabby decor boutique, who told me that she uses a magnifying glass to study the details in magazine photos.  Now that's passion.  So whether you prefer to hold a copy in your hand, or view them online, here's a summary of my favorite magazines and what they offer.

House Beautiful  HB offers a nice mix of styles, with an emphasis on classic, traditional interiors.  With regular columns like The Best, Cookbook, and Instant Room, reading HB satisfies your need to know about the best products in home decor, delicious recipes from chefs like Nigella Lawson, and how to mix and match luxurious fabrics in a room.

Victoria For the romantic, V is a gem for those who love tea parties, vintage fabrics, flower arrangments, and feminine decor.  V has an old fashioned feel, yet with a focus on the modern woman, the entreprenour.  One of my favorite features of V is the Calling Card column.  Calling Card debuts beautifully designed business cards from women in creative fields.  Only 6 issues a year, you will highly anticipate each arrival.

Elle Decor  Gorgeous sleek and tailored interiors fill the pages of ED, while interesting biographies about the homeowners and designers draw you back for a second or third read.  ED is the home of What's Hot;  columns highlighting cool products for your home, up and coming decor shops, hot design spots in featured cities, stylish designers, and design news and trends in each issue. 

Coastal Living  Wether you live on the coast, or are land-locked, CL's inspiring images of coastal homes and vacation spots will invigorate you even in the coldest of months.  A casual magazine, CL offers images of white-washed interiors, distressed furnishings, and natural materials and fabrics.  CL also includes delicious recipes for seafood lovers.  And if you're an avid traveler, the plethora of destination ads will give you great ideas for your next vacation or vacation home.

Traditional Home  While TH is also home to columns like Market Place, featuring products for your home that are stylish and sometimes affordable, the real draw to this magazine are the interiors.  Page after page you'll find traditional rooms with a modern, updated twist;  Classic camel back sofas in a room with modern art or stainless steel appliances in a kitchen with beadboard paneling and crown molding.

I would love to subscribe to Canadian House and Home but it's $59.95.  Check it out for yourself.  Guess I'll keep cyber-stalking H & H for now.

Image via:  House and Home

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  1. I feel the same way about Canadian House and Home.... I thought the subscription would be a lot cheaper!!! I really love it too and tend to check most things out online.... occasionally I treat myself and buy a copy though. I wonder why it is so expensive???


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