Monday, February 1, 2010

Manly Monday: Homey Host

The Room:  Clean lines and warm wood tones create a modern, sophisticated, and welcoming kitchen.  With it's extra long counter with 4 stools, and round table for 8, this room can accommodate a large family gathering.  The mix of contemporary items (stainless steel hood, ebony lacquered table, tailored upholstered parson chairs) and casual elements (wood top insland, white cabinets, open shelving) adds personality and warmth, making this large room feel cozy.  Room designed by Ana Maria Delgado

Men that would love this room:
A foodie with a penchant for hosting and entertaining family and friends

Todd English, John Travolta, and Billy Costa

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  1. Gor. geous. I love this kitchen! I'm really liking these manly rooms and wouldn't mind moving into one or two of them (with a man too, of course). Keep 'em coming!!


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