Monday, February 15, 2010

Manly Monday: More is More

More is More - that's the philosophy of 25 year old Zach Motl, who lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY.  His apartment is a 178 sqaure foot studio which he rents for $944 a month.  After pursuing a career in acting, he decided that his real passion is interior design.  Without a design degree, he landed a job with Robert Courturier & Associates architecture and design firm after showing photographs of his apartment on his interview.
My mother sent me the link to this article.  She never could understand how I crammed so much stuff into my last apartment, a studio.  Like Zach, I had a sleeping area as well as living, office, and dining areas.  Zach's coffee table cranks up to dining height and extends.

Zach has been collecting items since he was a boy, visiting antique stores and frequenting yard sales.  One item in particular he collects, books, which he stacks neatly throughout his home.  Storage is a necessity, so Zach uses a Sultan Alsarp boxspring from Ikea which opens up.

Zach feels that the more stuff you put in a room - the bigger it feels.  I think that putting large pieces in a small space makes the room feel larger.  And I don't think I could live with all of those stacks everywhere...could you?  Read the full article here by Penelope Green at The New York Times.

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  1. Such a great space! A bit cluttered, but really cozy, eclectic, soulful. I think I'd like a guy who lives this way!


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