Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rental Tip: Seasonal Storage

If you're like me (and live in New England), you have a warm weather wardrobe and a cold weather wardrobe.  Two separate collections that need to be stored...away...somewhere.  If you rent - closet storage can sometimes be minimal.  You may also not have access to a basement, garage, or attic for additional storage.  

Try this

Use old vintage luggage, stacked, as a nightstand.  This enables you to store out of season clothes within your apartment.  If you have room, stacks of luggage on either side of the bed will double your storage... perhaps his & hers.

Top off the luggage with a piece of glass or a tray, and you've got a usuable surface area. 

Prop the trunks on wooden blocks to reach the appropriate height desired to use next to your bed.

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