Monday, March 1, 2010

Designer Tip: From the Ground Up

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when redecorating a room from scratch, but try not to overthink it.  Find a starting point, such as a beige sofa.  Work from the ground up, select a rug in which you like the colors and pattern.  Add toss pillows to the sofa that pick up on one or more of the colors in the rug.  Select an end table that is complimentary to the size and scale of the sofa.  The coffee table will sit on the rug, so choose a piece that enhances the style of the rug without being distracting.  Lamps are a necessity, so why not make them a focal point?  Pick colorful or textured lamps to add interest at eye level.  Dress the windows according to your privacy and light control needs.  Finally, add the artwork, which can either add bursts of color if needed, or serve as a tasteful and neutral backdrop to other colorful accents.

Take a look at this room below.  The starting point was a standard beige sofa.  I selected all of the other items from Target's website based on the color and pattern of the rug.

1.  Jacobean Floral Wool Rug, $379.99
2.  Bamboo Roman Shade in Espresso, $45-69.99
3.  Decorative Pillow Connection Spice/Red, $59.99
4.  Two-tone Gold Table Lamp, $59.99
5.  Chinois End Table, $99.99
6.  Banana Leaf Storage Trunk, $45.00 (use two as a coffee table)
7.  Soliloquy I & II Canvas Art, $89.99 each


  1. Pretty spiffy! Great how-to!

  2. Very nice room-on-a-budget from Target! Great tutorial as well!


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