Friday, March 19, 2010

Feminine Friday: A Glutton for Glamour

I admit, I'm a glutton for glamour.  It if sparkles, I like it.  If it's feminine, I like it.  Put the 2 together and you get a beautiful and luxurious combination.  What could be more feminine?

Curvy sofas, shimmering nailhead, soft velour, mirrored legs, and a dramatic ceiling height all work together for a glamorous and formal effect.

A sparkling chandelier and sparkling mirrors mixed with gold tables, white upholstery, and pink silk pillows create a softer side of glamour.  images via:  glamorous interiors


  1. Wow Erica, both of those images are gorgeous but that second one took my breath away!!!!

  2. Hi Erica,
    Don't ever stop your Feminine Fridays. I too love glam and beauty in a room. These are all dream rooms. I guess I'll have to keep living in the real world of dogs and teenage boys. But really, it's so fun to come over and see these gorgeous rooms each week.

  3. I love the blues, the built ins and the ceiling in the first pic.

    The second pic is very pretty but no way my hubby would go for that :-)

  4. I could live comfortably in any of those rooms :)


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