Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Ode to Candice Olson:

One of my favorite HGTV shows to watch is Candice Olson's Divine Design.  It's not one of those shows with a budget of $1000 and shirtless carpenters, but one that demonstrates how great design can transform a room into a beautiful and functional space.  Candice has a style which is clean and sophisticated, using soothing and neutral colors.  She squeezes a ton of furniture into her projects, creating tons of seating and layers of fabric and texture.  My next few posts will be an ode to Candice Olson's devine designs.

Above:  The basement before the makeover.  The room has a boring fireplace, ghastly lighting, no storage, an awful window, a mauve carpet, and look at those mismatched sofas.  ugh
Above:  Now the basement looks amazing.  I love the window treatment which gives the illusion of a giant window and replaces the television as the focal point.  The fireplace has been given a facelift with neutral stone and clever storage underneath.  The sectional is fit snug into the corner in a grey ultrasuede.  The carpeting is gone and in it's place is new dark wood flooring and an area rug.  I love the touches of green used in the room with the leather cubes, nesting tables, pillows, and window panels.  And finally, the recessed lighting, wall sconces and table lamp make the room sparkle.


  1. Umm WOW! What a transformation!

  2. I love me some Candace Olson. And thank the lucky stars that her carpenters don't go bare chested.

  3. Despite the cheesy theme music for her show, I love it! Every room she does is sooo well thought-out and sophisticated. Excited to see more!

  4. I love Candice! Her rooms are simply beautiful. If I ever win the lottery, I'm hiring her to do a room or three for me.

    And maybe that handsome Carter Oosterhouse can help.

  5. I too love Candice and have watched her show for years. SHe never disappoints me and I am always amazed at her revels and the excitement on her face as she watches her clients take in a space she had designed!

  6. Yes I love her show it is one of my favorits!


  7. So INCREDIBLE how certain pieces of furniture pieces and lighting can make such a HUGE difference...WOW.

    Jen Ramos


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