Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Designer Tip: Difficult Window Fix

Many homes have windows that are beautiful; they let the light pour in, they are surrounded by decorative molding, and they hightlight gorgeous views.  However, sometimes they are difficult to dress with window treatments.  If you haven't heard of Smith and Noble, let me introduce you to the mecca of custom window treatments and their solutions:  

(Above)The panel:  Classic and timeless, mounted above the window molding adds the illusion of height to any room.
(Above) Arched windows can be dressed with panels which still shows off the arch while keeping the treatment simple and at the same eye level.

(Above) Top-down, bottom-up roman shades provide light control and privacy, while panels on either side of the bay provide softness and height.  The panels treat the bay as one window, minimizing the busy threesome of windows.

(Above Left)  French doors are accentuated and hidden at the same time with a luxurious floor-to-celing length drape.  (Above Right)  A pair of windows which are set close to each other are treated as one large window keeping the look simple.

(Above) An brick entry way inside a home is softened and defined with a pair of grommet drapes, easy to close for privacy.

(Above Left)  This bay window has woven wood shades which filter the light.  A large rod is mounted above the bay and a pair of drapes adorns each side, a very balanced look that is easy to create.  (Above Right) Sheer panels sit on a rod mounted high above the window keeping the look minimal above a sink.
(Above Left) While the blinds provide privacy, a pair of thin decorative panels add softness to a bathroom full of hard surfaces.  (Above Right) Beautiful pinch pleat panels are pulled back in a formal room.  The shades underneath are the functional treatments. 

(Above)  Corner windows can be tricky.  Each window has a rod and one panel.  This prevents the small windows from being covered with a lot of fabric but gives the illusion of a finished look.

All of the images above came from Smith and Noble's website.  Search through their huge gallery for many more window treatment ideas.

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  1. Hi Erica!
    I love this window post. I have a bay window in the dining room and was dead set on doing 4 panels. I may rethink it after seeing the thick rods just on the outside. I really like that look!


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