Friday, April 9, 2010

Feminine Friday - Damask Dreams

Damask patterns have been all the rage during the past few years, especially in black & white as well as bold and bright colors.  The new damask is young, hip, and very transitional.  When I saw this great image over at Secrets of Bliss, I instantly thought of using it for Feminine Friday.  Then it came to me that I could also include it as a Designer Tip.  It's a twofer.

Damask pillows in fruity colors plush up and soften a retro sofa in the NYC shop Elizabeth Bauer Design

Designer Tip:  Frame scraps of floral wallpaper for a feminine and colorful wall of art.  It's inexpensive and offers your space tons of color and pattern.  Many local paint & wallpaper stores discontinue wallpaper books on a weekly/monthly basis.  Most are happy to unload the books to moms looking for scrapbooking as well as crafty decorators.

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  1. I love damask. I may also try the framed wallpaper idea. I absoutely love wallpaper but I know we aren't staying in this house more than a few years and I would take it down for re-sale. So this is the prefect way to get lots of pretty ones!


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