Friday, April 30, 2010

Feminine Friday: "Sweet" Interiors, Part 2

I'm off to NYC for the weekend with the BF and am determined to visit Magnolia Cupcakes.  We didn't have time last Fall to squeeze in the delicious pastry and I won't make that mistake again.  My friend, M, who lives in the city, took me there last year.  I'm not a cupcake fan, but these cupcakes were fabulous.  M says there is another place she discovered that sells even better sweets, but I'm happy to return to Magnolia.  Any thoughts?  So, I posted about Sweet Interiors a while ago, and with cupcakes on my mind, here are some more pretty pastel palettes:

BHG and Apartment Therapy

Above:  designed by Candice Olson


  1. OMG, that bedroom with the canopies. LOVE.

  2. These are gorgeous, especially the bedroom.

    Have a fab weekend, mmm those cupcakes sound great...enjoy.
    xxx DJ

  3. Lurve the round rug in front of the fireplace! I'm also hungry for cupcakes now! Mmm :) Hazel

  4. Found you through DJ, we must be friends, and you see how far into your archive I am already.

    Can't wait for another Feminine Friday...oooo la la, talk dirty decor to me.....


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