Friday, April 23, 2010

Master Bedroom Revealed!

I hope my client loves this room as much as I do....
(click on images for a larger view)
 Before                                                               After    

Before                                                                After  

Before                                                                 After   

Before                                                           After

Before                                                              After

I'm calling it traditional zen.  What do you think?  I added some new area rugs, a storage ottoman, a ceramic stool, window treatments, new lamps, a mirror, a new coverlet, and remember those pillows
Here are some larger images...


  1. Looks great Erica. Well done! I'm sure the client is very much was done on such a small budget! Very nice!

  2. Very soothing looking!


  3. Oh it's lovely, it looks super serene.

    Happy weekend,
    xxx DJ

  4. amazing job woman! i am SO impressed.looks so cozy. and now i kinda wanna go home and take a nap. lol

  5. Looks so much better! So pleased you replaced the blinds with the flowing white curtains - great job!

  6. Wow - this looks great!
    Huge change for only a few new things (well, more than a few). And I love the curtains!


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