Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zen-full Living

An empty nester built this 1960's style home from the ground up after tearing down the existing structure in Tampa Bay, Florida.  The look and feel of this home is open and neutral.  But it's not boring at all, there is a ton of texture in the home found in natural elements such as stone and wood.  The home is also filled with the homeowners love of contemporary art and Asian crafts.
Wow.  A 96 inch long dining table is made from a crafted from a single piece of kumbuk timber and makes quite a statement.  I love the mix of chair around the table too.
This is my favorite room.  Look at that huge coffee table! The lines of the home are very sleek and the windows allow so much light into the space.  What I love is that there are so many "natural" accessories (like lamp bases made from driftwood) which warm up all of the white space. 
The large bathroom is actually one of the coziest spaces because of the wood vanity and tub surround.  The mirrored wall is a great touch, as it keeps the vanity sink area from feeling heavy.
With a view like that, it's no wonder why you'd have the bed facing the window and little else in the room.  The tranquil room is so open and airy, and when privacy is needed, the super long drapes can be closed.
The meditation room is relaxing in it's neutral palette.  The colors in this room are carried throughout the rest of the home in varying degrees.  This room has the most color - the brown upholstery, which anchors the space and says sit down and meditate.
images via: Veranda


  1. OH MY...I LOVE THS HOUSE! It's so "me". The natural/neutral elements....I just adore them all.

  2. beautiful home. i looove all the light. want. more. windows!

  3. Was looking for meditation room decor and ran across this home.

    If I could choose any home in the world--yes, the world--I'd choose this one. The natural colors and textures are calming. The huge array of windows brings the outside in and expands the living area. It's not too big. It's not too small. It's perfect.


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