Saturday, May 22, 2010

Designer Tip: Keep it Together

My vanity can get a little messy at times.  I've got lotions for the face, body and feet.  I've got make-up brushes, tons of make-up, hair products, curling irons... 

So I'm totally in love with this idea;  using a tray to keep all of those items together in one designated spot.  Add some towels and flowers and it's a girls' morning routine dream.

(I'd probably need 2 trays!)

image via:  house beautiful


  1. Yes, I love trays. I was thinking to myself I need to try and find more. I like to switch them out from time to time.

  2. I am currently obsessed with trays! I picked up some great ones at Home Goods recently...

  3. I am a tray addict! Especially for the vanity! LOVE!

  4. If only I had a counter, sniff.

  5. I will need two trays on my vanity! I love the image shown, perfect!

    Art by Karena

  6. I love trays -- they make any mess look well styled and intentional.

  7. Love this pic Erica! I have a long counter and stuff is everywhere. I didn't even think of this. I think my mother was ahead of her time (the 1970's) when she told me that if I had a lot of "stuff"; collections and such; on a table...just put them all on a tray and it looks pulled together and organized. I guess I NEVER thought of the bathroom counter.
    I'm off to find a tray!


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