Friday, May 21, 2010

Feminine Friday: Pink

Pink can be be sophisticated and modern while still being feminine and romantic.

In this Park Hyatt Hotel suite designer Sarah Richardson used touches of soft pink and punches of hot pink to decorate this amazing room.  A portion of the room rate goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

She also designed this sweet and fun girl's room using bright stripes and bold florals.  She snuck in some modern metal touches such as the light pendant, grommet top panels and hardware, and the sleek side table near the bed.


And then she updated this mid-century bungalow with some modern style and soft salmon touches.


  1. Fresh interior designs, very feminine...

  2. I love those subtle horizontal stripes in the first image. Also, thanks for suggesting pale yellow for my bench. I love that idea and to be honest had not even considered yellow.

  3. Recently the living room pictured from the show Sarah's House was on. It came out beautifully although at first I had my doubts.

    Pink is something I always come back to sooner or later.

  4. there are so many elements I love about these rooms. Can't stop looking at the gorgeous pink glass lamp. Oh my. Breathless. I adore the stripe upholstery on the armchairs and the softer stripe on the small stools too. She is very talented in pulling together details. The rooms are lovely.

  5. Hi Erica,
    Aren't these rooms gorgeous. I've always loved pink. That pink glass lamp in the corner of the hotel room is my kind of style!
    I saw the show where Sara Richardson did that living room. I felt like I had to have it!
    You asked how much I would sell the mid century chairs for. Well, I don't know. My MIL found them years ago at a yard sale. I charge $150.00 for the starting there somewhere. I guess a couple hundred each. I know a collector would have them rehupolstered in a vintage fabric, but they'll always have the slips for a different look. But I've always loved them. Oh and BTW, the loveseat you said people could pay 2k's in the shop for $279.00. I guess I live in the wrong area for this stuff.
    Check out this post of mine. Scroll down to the large cabinet. Classic mid century. I got it for $100.00! at a thrift store. It's high gloss what looks like some sort of zebra wood. Click the pic to get a better view. I think you'll love this piece.


  6. Love the Hyatt BCA themed room, the hot and soft pink chairs are lovely accents, I adore the stripes.
    The Salmon striped stools in the Bungalow, tickle my fancy to no end, Erica.

  7. I love the "new" new look! It is really pretty!
    I could actually stand these pink rooms....very tastefully done...not at all too "candy" pink.
    Speaking of you know who represents the Lolly Pop Guild?
    My face still hurts from laughing!

  8. Did you see that episode of Sarah's House when she did that living room? I thought that room turned out great.Have a great weekend and stop by if you can for my new giveaway. (It's a really good one.) :)

  9. Such beautiful colors-especially the "salmon touches!" You have a beautiful blog btw, I am your newest follower!

    Stop by my little blog...

  10. MMM, I love me some Sarah Richardson design.

  11. Don't you just love Sarah, she can do no wrong as far as I am concerned, Kathysue

  12. I've never been much of a pink person, but these interiors might just change my mind.

  13. I never seem to catch her show, have only seen one episode when she was designing her nursery. Love her work though!


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