Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[ Bienvenido a Miami ]

Today kicks off my countdown.  I'm taking a much needed vacation to Key Largo Florida and Miami with the BF next week.  From doing a little research on the internet today and just from previous trips to Florida, the interior design in the area is amazing.  It's so different from what I'm used to here in Massachusetts. 

This fabulous vacation home in Miami was designed for a New York family by Avram Rusu.  The apartment is located in a building formerly known as the Art Deco hotel on Miami Beach.

The owners have grown children and needed the space to accommodate their needs and the needs of their children's families.  For example, the master bedroom has two twin beds pushed together, creating a king size bed.  Couples can use the king and singles can use the twins.

The master bedroom used with a king bed...
and then separated twins for non-couples.

Formerly a kitchen, the children's room is small but full of style.

Check out the Before and After floor plans:


  1. Oooh that sounds fun! The Miami area is a great place to visit. Love those colorful images.

  2. I love the back-painted glass in living/dining room area ....Simple Fabulousness

  3. This place is amazing, I love the color in Miami!

  4. These rooms just say Florida to me with the bright colors.

    Hope you have a fabulous vacation.

  5. This house is AMAZING!! LOVE!

  6. love the blog and this space..

  7. I love all the saturated bright colors!

  8. Even I prefer using twin beds in my guest room. As you said couples can use it as a king bed and singles can use it as single cot.

  9. The bedroom curtains looks fabulous. Apt for summer/spring season


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