Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Designer Tip: Collecting Collections

A few years ago, my aunt and I were in an antique store in Maine enjoying the wide selection of collectibles for sale.  My aunt had recently starting collecting wooden foot stools, small doll chairs, yellow ware bowls, and more.  Another lady in the shop asked my aunt what she collects, and my aunt froze, and couldn't think of anything.  We always laugh about that moment because my aunt has so many collections, but just couldn't think of them when put on the spot.  Perhaps if she had displayed her collectibles together in collections, she might have remembered what she owns. 

Do you have any collections and do you display them together?

A group of pooches is an unexpected addition to the top of the armoire.
Country Living

Bright colors in large quantity make a big statement.

Beautiful botanical prints create a gallery feel when grouped together.

Clever shelving maximizes a nook to display a collection of fish models.
Architectural Digest

Remember to vary the height of your items, add contrast with a different color in the background of your collection, and collect what you love!


  1. I love the collection of fish models!! That is too cool! I can also see the collection of bright colours in a home! I love this post!

    :) Hazel

  2. I love the collections you have shown, yes I have a shell and rock collection but I don't have the proper place just yet to display it. OH and I collection large pieces of driftwood...strange I know. ;-)

  3. I completely agree. Groups of similar things make such a statement.

  4. That vase collection-yes please! I used to collect wooden boxes, but sold them-I had no where to display them. Now I'm kicking myself.

  5. I don't have any collections (yet) but I want one!

    <3 Cara

  6. I don't tend to collect anything -- at least not intentionally. I will say though that I love blue and white Chinese porcelain and have a number of pieces scattered throughout the house. I also love Adler's white ceramic animals and have a few of those as well.


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