Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Porch Make-Over

This great, large porch was in need of some color and TLC:

  • I gave the wicker furniture a new coat of white paint straight from a can. 
  • New cushions add bright color in the form of fun green and blue stripes. 
  • A ceramic stool acts as a end table for a chair and adds more color. 
  • Finally, a rusty old white metal table got a new look with bright blue spray paint.

Before:  White old wicker furniture and a rusty table


Before:  A bare and lonely corner

After:  Corner becomes a sitting area with color

This porch has been transformed into a wonderful outdoor retreat!

If you would like help decorating your indoor or outdoor space, contact me at Erica LeBlanc Design.


  1. I love the colors!

  2. That is so pretty Erica. Looks like you have yourself a little pop of Miami :) Enjoy.


  3. Wonderful Erica! I love the blue with the white wicker. Definitly gives the feel of ocean beeezes and relaxing days.

  4. This looks great! Quite a transformation with those lovely colors!

  5. Wow- so gorgeous! I love the pops of color against the white!

  6. It looks great!! Can I come and hang out there?

  7. Spray paint to the rescue, and I love that garden stool too, used the way they were intended to be used, outside.


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