Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Though this is a young girl's bedroom, there are some neat design elements that you can steal for your own space to get that designer feel.

room by tobi fairley

1.  Adding trim to the inner lengths of window treatment panels gives them a custom look.  Trim can be easily applied with a glue gun, I've done it!
2.  A bedroom can have an ottoman - use it as a table, seating, or even purchase an ottoman with storage capabilities.
3.  Chandeliers and wall sconces are great looking, but they are even betters sources of light for a room with little space for tables.
4.  A bedroom is one of the best rooms to experiment and play with pattern.  There are so many ways to use fabric in a bedroom, from the window treatments, furnishings, bed linens, to the toss pillows.
5.  Get personal.  Monograms are an easy way to personalize your space and feel like a star.


  1. gosh i love those lavender walls! all great tips, erica!

  2. all wonderful tips...and this room is certainly fit for a princess!

  3. LOVE it! My walls were that color growing up :)

  4. WOW what a lucky girl to have a room like that. I actually would have kept my room clean as a kid if I had a room like that lol

  5. such a sweet room, but not *too* sweet, you know? love your tips!

  6. I totally saw that monkey painting at an auction recently, or something very similar. Really adds a touch of whimsey to this purple room. Imagine waking up to that monkey looking at you every morning:)

  7. That painting is hilarious Gretchen - glad someone noticed!


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