Monday, October 11, 2010

Manly Monday: If I Were A Man...

If I were a man, I'd live here.  Plain and simple, love this room.  It's rustic with chunky wood.  It's light with creamy colors.  That relaxed roman shade is so simple yet steals the show.  I'm a big lover of leather and that ottoman is gorgeous with it's warm caramel tone.  I'd pass on those folding chairs though...

Well, I'm not a man, but I will soon be living with one.  I'm moving in with the boyfriend, into his manly place.  Maybe I can recreate this look - or maybe I'll go completely different.  His place has good bones, i.e. nice basic furniture.  Just needs some finishing touches...  As soon as I start making some "updates" (don't want to use the word changes, he might read this, ha ha) I'll post some pics!

S. Russell Groves via decor pad


  1. very clean and simple.

  2. Directors chairs seem out of place.

  3. I always read your Feminine Fridays and Manly Mondays and try to figure out what I like best in all the rooms. But it usually comes down to contrast. In this room, it's the chunky, curved bench and the light armless directors chairs. I guess it's always a little of both, yin and yang, dark and light, romantic and rustic.

  4. neat.. clean and clear.. But no.. the folding chairs need to go.. Bean bags are fine.. :-)


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