Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Color Me Yellow:

I'm working on a room with some yellow accents, and am so excited about using the color.  It's not one that I've used often.  I've been seeing some images recently with yellow, Crate and Barrel has some great vases that I'm drooling over, and Homegoods has provided me with a few good finds in this hue.


interior by:  Christina Murphy      Saffron Palmela Vase, Crate & Barrel, $39.95


  1. Sounds fun Erica. I love yellow too, but for some reason never use it. It's nice to add a little ray of sunshine to a room. Can't wait to see all of the projects you are working on.


  2. Yellow seems to be the color, and a happy color it is. Seems to brighten up a space.

  3. I steer away from yellow usually but these photos have made me rethink the colour. Will you post a picture of the room you are working on? Would love to see it.

  4. Hi Valerie, I'll definitly post some pics. It's in the process of being photographed, so pics to come soon!


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