Friday, November 26, 2010

Feminine Friday: Pretty Eclectic

This gorgeous room was featured in the current issue of Rue Magazine this week and I just had to do a little digging and get my hands on copies of these images for myself.  The room belongs to Jolene Ballard, one of the 2 founding designers of Domicile ID.  To me, it's feminine and pretty, with an eclectic feel.  It's not overkill feminine, but there are soft touches like the salmon drapes and tufted ottoman.  I'm a big fan of tufted furniture and think that it adds dimension, softness, and even a bit of a tailored look to a space.
With a soft grey color palette as the base for the room, the accents can be changed on a whim to create a different look over time.


  1. Absolutely adore this room too! The brass touches, upholstery, pillows and color! Take care, Caroline

  2. Oh.. I totally love the first pic.. and am in love with the shade of grey! :-)

  3. Didn't you love the newest Rue? So many images I wanted to save. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a few days off ;-)

  4. I seriously flipped over this room too. LOVE it. Love the black ottoman...


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