Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wake-up

Yellow is a bright and sunny color - great to use in a family room or living room to encourage vitality and laughter.  Adding warm and chunky tables grounds the space and keeps the room from looking too youthful and bold.

Layering an area rug over carpeting, using a nesting coffee table, and placing small solid pillows in front of larger floral pillows keeps things interesting in a yellow and white room.
image via:  Decorpad

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Bed...

I plan on spending all day in bed today.  I'm not sick, not too tired, but just feel like having some R&R on my day off.  I'm also going to do some research for some new blog posts, finding great new images and designers to share with you.  Here are some dreamy bedrooms for you to gaze at and take away some great design tips:

Pine panels add a light warmth to a cozy, casual bedroom.  Love the extra blanket mounted on the wall!

White on white can be soothing, and for a little fun add your favorite color in accents.

Bedrooms can be multi-purpose spaces:  sitting areas provide a get-away feel when placed in bedrooms.

Window treatments can add a little color or pattern to a neutral room.

Go bold on accents like lamps& wallpaper, but keep it safe with bedding for a classic look with a twist.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Feminine Friday: I'd Rather be Here...

I'd rather be here, in this beautiful light and feminine room, rather than in my home with my neighbors' kids screaming their heads off and their dog barking relentlessly for the past hour.  BREATHE.....
OK, back to my dream.  Isn't this room lovely?  Designed by Kelly G., this space is romantic and a little contemporary at the same time.  Perfect for a 21st century gal.
It looks like a quiet space... a soft plush area rug, clear Lucite, and that beautiful baby blue & white palette.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Unexpected

I'm a big fan of symmetry and love using matching nightstands and a pair of lamps beside a bed.  However, sometimes the unexpected can add a little pizazz to a space, giving the room some personality and visual interest.
Who would have thought to paint the ceiling green?  Interior designer Liz Williams did.  It's a very fresh and crisp green, especially paired with the bright white walls.  Also, another unexpected touch is the basket-like piece above the bed (any idea what it is?).  It adds some depth to the room with a touch of a deeper brown hue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Decorate with Me...

Come decorate with me over at Cottage & Vine today, where I share my design process in a guest post.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manly Monday: What a Real Man Thinks

My boyfriend is sitting next to me as I write this post, and is rushing me so we can watch the original Wall Street movie, to prep me for the sequel.  So, rather than wracking my brain for a description of this room, I decided to ask him if he likes this room.  His reaction:

  • "What's that?" referring to the wood bowl-like container on the table
  • "Is that supposed to be a dining table?  It's a picnic table, right?"
  • "I don't know how comfortable I'd be sitting in one of those chairs for dinner."
  • "Maybe with a pipe and a robe it would be comfortable."

So, that's today's take on Manly Monday by a real man sitting on a sofa next to me as we wait for our Thai food to be delivered.  Designer:  Jeff Andrews

Friday, September 17, 2010

Feminine Friday: Lavender Grove Love

I can't believe it is Friday already - and I almost skipped today's Feminine Friday until I came upon this inspiring home.  It's such a lovely home in London called Lavender Grove.  Haven't you always wanted to live somewhere that had a name?  Lavender Grove is the most beautiful compilation of mirrors, white linen, chandeliers, white floors, and touches of's femininity in it's purest state.

I love all of the large, old mirrors used in numerous rooms.

Isn't this home a dream?
And did you notice that there are no window treatments?
Have a great weekend!

images via:  inspiring interiors

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Give-away Winner:

Congrats to the winner of the Nena Von pillow cover give-away, #9 Lauren from House of Chic & Penoche!  Lauren, send me an email with your shipping address and I'll have the orange trellis pillow shipped to you.

Thanks to all who entered and to Nena!

Designer Encounter: Kate Singer

I'm thrilled to announce a new series here on Decorica, Designer Encounter, in which I'll be interviewing talented and established designers. Through Designer Encounter, we'll learn about each designer's favorite rooms that they've created, and a little bit about what makes them tick and design such great spaces.

My first interview is with Kate Singer of Kate Singer Home. Kate is a beautiful, talented and kind woman who designs sophisticated, soothing, and classic homes for clients and show houses. Her gorgeous designs have been featured in popular reads such as Traditional Home, Women's Day - Decorating with Style, and House Magazine.

1. When you first meet with a client, what are some of the questions that you find essential to ask them in order to get a sense of their taste and lifestyle? KS: When starting out with a new clients, I try to get a sense of their preferences & basic style. Everyone has a basic style. Some just need a little coaxing to express it! Do they like casual or formal rooms? Traditional or more modern? Colorful or more subdued? Many accessories & collectibles or a more minimalist look? Naturally, I ask them how they envision themselves living in each room so we can develop the best furniture floor plan for relaxing, entertaining, & day-to-day living. 
2. A lot of the decorating shows on television complete a room in a day or week. I think most people realize that this isn't an adequate representation of a project's timeline, so on average, how long do your projects take? KS: I love rooms that feel more evolved & collected over time instead of decorated overnight. Just as we are always evolving & growing, so should our homes. I encourage clients to gather & display treasured photos from different stages of their lives. I suggest they bring home a special souvenir or piece of art from their travels. A single object can transport one back to a special place or time & can be a wonderful reminder of a memorable journey or family vacation. And I especially love to blend in family heirlooms & antiques which represent their past in a wonderful way. Typically, the basic color palette & furniture layout will come together fairly easily & quickly. It's the textiles & those unique touches - art, accessories, lighting - that may take a bit more research & shopping but are well worth the time & attention to detail. 
3. This might be like asking a parent which child they favor, but do you have a favorite room or home from your portfolio? KS: I just completed the main living room at The Winter Cottage of the Marshall Field Estate here on the beautiful north shore of Long Island as part of a designer show house. The setting in spectacular & the cottage is so charming. The color palette is very soothing, the furniture is inviting & comfortable, the Stark rug is gorgeous & the art & accessories are a nice mix of old & new - expensive & moderate. The natural light, lovely symmetry & wonderful fireplace make for a living room I could really live in & enjoy.
Above: Photography by John Bessler, Design by Kate Singer Home
4. In the bedroom that you designed for the Hampton Show House, you mixed feminine pieces such as a skirted ottoman with sleek mirrored chests, a bench with Lucite legs, and a chesterfield sofa. It's a great combination of styles and surfaces. What was your inspiration for that room? KS: I find inspiration everywhere. In fashion, in nature & in other designers' work. The mirrored chests were inspired by Julia Gray. Many of the textures & fabrics are from Barbara Barry's Kravet line. I love everything she designs from her furniture to home fragrance. The straight lines of the Bolier piece are masculine but a nice juxtaposition to the feminine colors & textures in the rest of the bedroom. Good Lucite reminds me of diamonds, silk taffeta of a beautiful ball gown & mirrored furniture, of old time Hollywood glamour. I guess it's a ladies bedroom after all!

5. At the moment, is there a design trend that you love to use? And is there a design trend that you avoid? KS: I try to avoid trends since they're usually out as fast as they came in. They also tend to be overused & I prefer unique design & decor that suits my client's individuality. I like traditionally rooted rooms with up-to-date, yet still classic elements that will transcend time. 

6. What is your favorite part of designing a space, picking fabrics, furniture, etc...?
KS: I enjoy the the inception & initial presentation of a room's design which is often conveyed to my client in a concept board, but my favorite part is the gratifying & rewarding feeling of knowing a client is really loving & enjoying a room or their home. That's what it's all about.

A big thanks to Kate Singer of Kate Singer Home for taking the time to participate in this new series, Designer Encounter, and for sharing her thoughts and photographs with us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nena Von Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Give away ends tonight - Enter HERE!

Blog about it on your post and get an extra entry.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Manly Monday: The New Neutral

There was a time when the color brown was "the" color associated with a bachelor pad or a masculine space.  Now, grey is quickly become the new manly neutral.  What's great about grey?  Well, it can be combined with any color, and by any, I mean any.  This room designed by Jeff Andrews incorporates coppery browns, navy, and lots of grey into a chic, yet warm space.

Also, don't forget to watch The Nate Berkus Show today - find out when here.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Give-away Sunday!

I'm thrilled to announce a give away - and it's not just any give away, it's a Nena Von pillow cover give away!  If you're not already familiar with Nena Von, she is the talented entrepreneur behind a lovely Etsy shop aptly titled Nena Von.

In addition to pillow covers, Nena makes draperies and euro shams, and even takes custom orders!  Take a look at her shop, it is filled with the "it" fabric patterns of the year, the trellis and chevron.  The patterns and colors she has selected are sophisticated and fun, you are sure to find one to fit into your home decor.

Contest ends on Wednesday, Sept. 15th at midnight.  The winner will be announced Thursday, Sept. 16th.

Here are the three 12 x 18 pillow covers from which the winner may choose from:

Icy Blue & Grey Trellis                   Two-Tone Orange Trellis
Green Tonal Striped Velvet

Rules:  My only requirements are that you be or become a follower of Decorica (please mention how you follow, i.e. google friend connect, bloglovin' etc.) and leave a comment mentioning which of the above 3 pillow covers you'd like to win. 

Also, visit Nena Von's shop at Etsy.   

Thanks and good luck!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Feminine Friday: Butter Cream & Robin's Egg Blue

Maybe it's the color combination of butter cream, lemon meringue, and robin's egg blue, but this room looks delicious...and makes me a little in the mood to bake.  The linear lines of the sofa are balanced and softened with a pair of curvy wing back chairs, and the acrylic coffee table floats in the center.  A light and airy room, such a breath of fresh air.

designed by:  Palmer Weiss

It's been a crazy & stressful week (full moon) and I'm beat.  Have a nice weekend!
I'll announce a fantastic give away soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Desk Chair:

The desk chair is often overlooked as a design opportunity, but don't miss the chance to express your style while you work.  Here are 2 beautiful examples of visually stimulating chairs that steal the show from the desks...

WaterLeaf Interiors                                           Katie Sellers

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manly Monday: The Nate Berkus Show

A week from now the highly anticipated premiere of The Nate Berkus Show airs, and I can't wait.  My morning is free that day and I plan on watching his first episode in bed with a cup of coffee.  It seems as though his show will focus on helping people live a beautiful life, a similar concept to The Oprah Winfrey Show, but with daily home and personal makeovers and design tips by Nate.  Here is a listing by states of the air times and channels for The Nate Berkus Show, don't miss it on September 13, 2010!

Some of Nate's manly work through Nate Berkus Associates:


And of course I had to include some of Nate's ever-changing hair styles:

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