Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's the Dish:

I'm doing a little research:  fill a hutch with a monochromatic color scheme, or go for a seasonal, colorful look? Dishes and glasses alone, or mix in baskets and decorative items?

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  1. In photos I prefer monochromatic. In my own home, I have a mix of colorful accent pieces with lots of white and a variety of glassware. I also mix in favorite objects and artwork. All my favorite fragile items end up in the china cabinet!

  2. I voted for monochromatic serving pieces only, but I had a painted backdrop in mind...otherwise they'll look too dull. I find it hard to display much of anything at my house since it usually feels like clutter and I can't handle that. :)

  3. I thing a little bit of color doesn't hurt.

  4. i think all white looks so chic! i like the idea of mixing and matching dishes, baskets, little items, etc.

  5. I would love to see vibrant and Springy colors, I'm voting and rooting for them.Hehe. I've been void seeing white this past months due to snow, I really didn't mean to sound hateful for white though.


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