Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wreath it Up!

With the Holidays quickly approaching (they will be here before we know it!) you can never be too prepared to decorate your pad.

What do you think of these unique wreaths?  Perfect for doors, over mirrors, or adorning any plain wall, they can add that touch of the season without overwhelming your regular decor.

Lime green burlap - source

Burlap - you can add anything to it, or keep it plain & chic

Black faux flowers

Tiny pumpkins or gourds would be great for Fall

white yarn adorned with felt poinsettias  - source
I just bought this one...I'm getting reading for the Holidays!


  1. I love the burlap one! I wish their was a tutorial on it...

  2. Is it that time again? this year flew by so fast

  3. I know, it was chilly yesterday, Fall is here.

  4. Ring different designs decorate with different flowers and plants.It look so beautiful.We can give gift in some special day.

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